NEN-Measuring (NEN 2580)

IGG Bouweconomie determines areas according to the methods described in NEN 2580 and makes measurement statements and measurement certificates in accordance with NTA 2581. The types of surfaces as stated in a measurement certificate are often the gross floor area (GFA), the net floor area (NVO) and the lettable floor area (VVO) ).

NEN Commission

IGG is also a member of a small NEN committee that directs the writing and improvement of the new NEN 2580, combined with NTA 2581. IGG is thus first and foremost involved in developments within the regulation of the measurement of buildings.

Measurement certificates in accordance with NEN 2580

If a measurement certificate is made of a building with several users or tenants, common spaces will be distributed among the users in proportion to the space (s) rented by them. The measurement certificate thus forms the basis for the sales or rental price. Such a distribution will also form the decision for the distribution of costs during the design process.

A measurement certificate is measured based on:

  • The digital design or revision drawings
  • Hard copy drawings
  • Measured in the work

In the report accompanying the measurement certificate, IGG indicates in the floor plans with clear hatching what has been measured. A measurement certificate is used for:

  • certainty about the actual floor area in purchase and lease transactions,
  • the valuation (valuation);
  • allocating common spaces;
  • sharing the construction and investment costs with several building users;
  • distributing service costs in a multi-tenant situation;
  • ground lease and WOZ and BAG issues;
  • facility and other internal (cost) issues;
  • tax issues.


Optimize based on NEN 2580

During the design process, IGG uses a NEN 2580 measurement to critically look at the results of this and to investigate where possibilities are to optimize the surfaces, and in particular the lettable or use surface. This increases potential yields during the process without increasing costs.

We have more than 30 years of experience with building cost advice and maintenance optimization and have all the expertise to advise you.

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