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Financial certainty is a prerequisite for success in the construction industry! A clear understanding from the inception of your project will decide the whole feasibility – whether to proceed or not! The better you control and understand the costs and other factors, the more control you have over your results.
IGG Bointon de Groot provides this control. Our services are designed to address the economic feasibility and risks (costs) implicit in your plans so you can undertake the project without undue threats to cost, quality or the time scale. That is the financial foundation of your whole project.
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2               About us

IGG Bointon de Groot, founded in 1988 with a simple vision of integrating the costing and it’s methodology with effective management. Two decades later our vision has proven correct with the separate cost control and construction economics now melded into a strongly integrated complete cost management service. A service that still is evolving and with our software developments is probably accelerating. IGG has always been a leader in the field and a breadth of experience and a young, dynamic team offer an impressive track record of being right!

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3               Our methods

The specialists teams at IGG are fully committed and work tirelessly to ensure clarity and certainty in our advice on construction costs. Having evolved a successful system we monitor our results and performance to ensure that we continue to enjoy the huge confidence our customers have in our professional advice. It is no coincidence that we have advised some clients for more than twenty years.

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4               Our team

From its inception IGG has worked as a team on the basis that the synergy of a team is greater the sum total of the individuals. By having a great selection of experience and different specialities we continue to move forward and develop our business. The current conditions and rapid changes have been easily accommodated and understood to the extent that were are expanding – even in the current conditions – makes us respect and value the talent of our team at IGG.

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5               Reference projects

Following the link below you may visit our reference project file. Our reference projects give a particular good insight of the hugely diverse and impressive schedule of projects for which we have provided professional cost management.

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6               Working for IGG

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7                Clients

Our client list demonstrates well the diverse nature of our clients, multi-nationals, infrastructure operators, Royal Palace, International Hotels, Governments etc.. There is not a sector where we have not carried our work for our clients which demonstrates, effectively our capabilities and the level of our service we provide.

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8               IGG in the media

Because of our involvement in many major projects, national and international we receive recognition in the media; a selection of the articles is available by following the link below.

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IGG Bointon de Groot

Adres : Prinses Catharina Amaliastraat 32
2496 XD Den Haag
Post : Postbus 85767
2508 CL Den Haag
Tel : 070 514 54 20
Fax : 070 514 32 31
E-mail : info@igg.nl

Our partners

IGG Bointon de Groot is an active partner in the built environment. IGG follows
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