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A successful project goes beyond controlling costs. In addition to costs, other components within the project must be controlled, such as the schedule of requirements, changes, risks and contracts. The correct method of project management is therefore an essential part of a construction project. Just like so many things, a project is as strong as the weakest link.

Appropriate project management is the basis for success. IGG has the knowledge and expertise to support you in this. Our specialists can advise you on the preparation of programs and contracts and ultimately also manage the contracts entered into and even check on construction whether everyone is sticking to the agreements made.

The benefits of complete project support

Planning, contract management, implementation management, risk management and other services are part of a complete project management. Preventing ambiguities and measuring discussions about contractual agreements are prevented. After all, the costs cannot be controlled with unclear agreements. Project supervision must therefore always be based on integral control of all components throughout the entire process.

The IGG team specializes in complete project management. Our specialists have years of experience with the complexities of construction projects, and have the knowledge needed to optimally support every phase of a construction project, both during the design phase and the implementation phase. Whether it is about choosing a contract form, managing agreements and planning to supervising implementation - the advisers at IGG always find the right solution.

Choose IGG project support

Do you want to further reduce uncertainties and risks within your construction project and receive more complete advice? IGG project management guarantees that your project will be realized within the set contract conditions and that the planning will be maintained. As a client, a committed team relieves you of the realization of your projects.

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Arno Vonk MRICS

Directeur / Senior bouw economisch adviseur

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John Koks

Senior bouw economisch adviseur / Projectcoach

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Mario van Veen

Bouw economisch adviseur / Projectleider

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Yuk Ling Chung

Bouw economisch adviseur

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Marc Hengstmangers

Directeur / Senior bouw economisch adviseur

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Hans Smit RKN

Register kostenmanager (RKN) / Projectcoach

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