The Dutch building economy is a dynamic playing field; the unit prices of materials, labor and equipment fluctuate over time. Other factors such as trends and innovations in the construction sector, new sustainability requirements and cyclical changes also influence price developments within the construction market.

The better you are aware of these developments, the better you will be able to control the costs of your projects. That is why IGG analyzes the most important index figures in the field of Dutch construction costs and tenders every quarter. These index figures are then made available via BouwkostenIndex.

The most complete index of construction costs figures

Construction costs Index tries to provide the most comprehensive picture of the Dutch construction costs market. IGG has categorized all building types from the Building Cost Compass into various main and subgroups. The index figures are calculated per quarter for each building type. In addition, composite index numbers are also available. Each individual building type is assigned a weighting factor to determine how much it takes into account in the composite group figure. An overall index figure for Dutch housing is also calculated. This is compiled from statistics and index numbers of around 1,250 building types.

Construction costs Index also makes a distinction between the construction costs index and the procurement index; the first follows the direct purchase of the contractor, while the second tries to give a picture of the prices that contractors charge for the realization of building components. This way you not only know what the purchase prices of specific facets of your project are, but also what is charged for this in the current market.

The construction costs market is constantly changing - changing material and labor costs, innovations in the construction sector and emerging trends all influence the construction costs that contractors and other parties involved have to deal with. The uncertainties that result from this dynamic can have major consequences for construction projects. Insight into the current construction cost index can help to contain it.

IGG compiles the construction cost index to make the development of costs in the construction sector more manageable. The construction cost index is available online and offers a detailed picture of the Dutch construction cost profile.

The most current construction cost index

Insight into the way in which construction costs develop is necessary if people want to be able to control these costs effectively. In addition, much can change in a short time - the construction cost index can fluctuate sharply every year. To show these developments as clearly as possible, IGG determines the construction cost index every quarter by accurately calculating the underlying models with the current market figures. Here, index numbers of the building costs are based on the building types used on the website of BouwkostenKompas.

By analyzing, weighing and correcting the figures of these different building types based on external factors, IGG can guarantee that the construction cost index always gives a realistic picture of the situation on the construction cost market.

Working with the construction cost index

Do you want to be sure that you can always rely on the most recent construction cost index? With the online application of IGG you can easily generate and export the construction cost index for any desired period. In this way you are constantly informed of relevant developments in the construction sector.

Do you want to get started right away? There are several subscriptions available that offer access to the IGG construction cost index. For more information about these and other subscriptions you can look around in the webshop of, or contact the IGG advisory team directly.

Do you want to know more about BouwkostenIndex or would you like to try this online tool yourself?

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