Land exploitations

A land development exploitation is a budget that is drawn up to map land costs and land revenues from a spatial development plan (such as a new zoning plan). Land development often precedes the development of real estate. The operating period is between the contribution of non-building plots to the delivery of building plots that can be built on.

Land Exploitation Act (Grexwet)

The Land Exploitation Act, often abbreviated as the Grex Act, is part of the Spatial Planning Act that entered into force on 1 July 2008. The Land Exploitation Act provides municipalities with, among other things, instruments for recovering the costs of the plan development from landowners, usually project developers. In addition, there are matters concerning plan damage. Municipalities draw up an exploitation plan for this with a new development.

Exploitation plan

The exploitation plan is drawn up by the municipality and must have the approval of the municipal council. The plan contains a calculation of the operating contribution that the landowner must pay. The costs that the municipality may recover are laid down in the Spatial Planning Decree (BRO); this is a limited list. The moment at which the contribution must be paid is the moment of application for the building permit.

A clear and well-arranged exploitation plan

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