Fees for a building application are based on the building costs as stated by the applicant. But how does the municipality know if these costs are correct? Checking the correctness of the stated construction costs is time-consuming and specialist work and is therefore usually omitted.

With Construction cost check, an online program for calculating construction costs, the specified construction costs can be checked quickly and efficiently.

The program goes much further than a check on key figures, as a result of which the bandwidth of the results has become much smaller than with the usual checks. The input consists mainly of the definition of the type and shape. The result is an element-level budget that enables the municipality to adjust the legal basis if necessary. Should a discussion arise about this, the municipality can easily substantiate its position.

Clarity about the legal basis

Construction cost check focuses on the inspectors of the municipality who check the building applications. Construction cost check is an online program that makes it possible to calculate a construction project within 10 to 30 minutes with a low bandwidth.

With the help of Building Cost Check, inspectors are able to check a building application within 10 to 30 minutes. The program provides them with a means to substantiate the construction costs in a building application and to adjust them if necessary so that the correct fee can be charged.

The program consists of a central database, calculation method for different building types, key figures and unit prices. By entering a limited number of fairly simple data, it is possible to make a reasonably accurate and clearly substantiated calculation.

Checking the legal basis

If the municipality wants extra certainty, IGG offers the possibility to draw up expert advice for a plan in question. IGG has developed some models to assist municipalities in calculating and substantiating the actual construction costs. For more information, check the page on the legal basis.

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