Real Estate advice

The right property contributes to your objective, including sustainability, value increase, risk management and return. Central to the use of real estate is how healthcare real estate can optimally support the organization. That is why, among other things, we conduct feasibility studies and we offer strategic real estate and housing advice.

Real estate advice at different levels


Making existing real estate more sustainable or delivering a more sustainable project than the current requirements of the Building Decree is a subject that requires continuous attention. When making existing real estate more sustainable, the installations, materials and insulation values ​​applied are used to improve energy consumption and comfort. With the sustainability advice we indicate where returns can be achieved on the investment. for new construction and redevelopment projects, sustainability labels such as BREEAM-NL, GRP or LEED are examined to see how a project can be optimized in this way.

Maintenance plan

A critical factor in real estate management is the maintenance of your real estate. A correct strategy for efficient and corrective maintenance ensures that your buildings function optimally with minimal costs. A long-term maintenance plan (MJOP) provides insight into the costs that you can expect now, in the short and in the longer term. Essential for the management and exploitation strategy of your real estate. IGG is a specialist in defining maintenance strategies and maintenance budgets.

NEN 2580 - Surface optimization

The Gross floor area (GFA) that needs to be built provides insight into the costs of a building. The utilization area (GO) provides insight into the yields of a building. Optimizing both the GFA and the GOs give a better financial result. IGG is a specialist in the preparation of NEN 2580 reports and, as a member of the NEN 2580 Committee, jointly responsible for the development of the new NEN standard.

Technical Due Diligence

If an existing property or property portfolio must be purchased, a Technical Due Diligence investigation (TDD) is a means for determining the correct position of the object and therefore the value thereof. Before the purchase, this research will quickly give you a complete overview of all technical aspects of the real estate that you have in mind. A NEN 2580 in combination with a NEN 2767 condition measurement provide the first insight into a TDD, but also materialization and maintenance are often part of this. A TDD also requires strategic advice that gives you insight into the opportunities and risks of the object to be purchased.

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