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Every construction project is different. The functional requirements and needs of users vary per building, as well as the logistical support and the facilities that are required on site.

If you want a construction project or area development to be realized, it is important that your requirements and objectives are well represented in the design and the final result. That is why IGG always advises you to prepare a detailed Program of Requirements before you start the design process. A good Schedule of Requirements prevents unnecessary delays and at the same time helps to minimize budget overruns.

What is in the Schedule of Requirements?

A Program of Requirements is a document in which the questions, wishes and requirements with regard to the building to be designed are defined by the client. The document is intended as a guide for the designing party and makes statements about various aspects of the structure:

  • Functional requirements (the function of the building, the function size and the capacity);
  • Quantitative requirements (the number of useful living spaces or workplaces and the size of these spaces);
  • Mutual relationships (how the spaces are connected to each other and for what purpose);
  • Technical requirements (climate control, quality of living and working climate, energy performance, sustainability, water management and waste flows);
  • Logistical requirements (how the supporting logistics are arranged in and around the building);
  • Legal requirements (the regulations associated with and affecting the position);
  • Aesthetic requirements (the appearance of the building, the internal and external design, the comfort of the user and the style of the design).


The realization and / or contracting agreements with contractors are snapshots of a project that will be referred to in an implementation phase.

A well thought out contract whose risks have been made clear to the client beforehand contributes to an agreement with the contractor (s) during the execution.

It is important in a contract that the documents are complementary and do not contradict each other. Furthermore, a well-considered choice must be made in the method of contracting, for example in a construction team, European tender, private tender, separate tenders, based on UAV or UAV-GC, etc.
All these matters are also recorded in the specification book.

Tailor-made advice from IGG

Do you have a specific goal in mind for the building that you want to realize and do you want to be sure that your objectives are well described in your Schedule of Requirements and the specifications? Are you looking for a specialist who can test the quality of your existing Program of Requirements? At IGG you will always find the professional support you are looking for.

Contact one of our experts and make an appointment to discuss your construction project. We are happy to offer you independent advice.

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