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Controlling a construction project requires a clear picture of the construction costs. The clearer the information about the project is presented, the better the costs can be calculated. It is therefore not surprising that BIM software has been increasingly used by the construction industry in recent years.

The starting point of BIM software is the so-called Building Information Model, a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building or building. By collecting all parts of the design in one model, coordination between stakeholders during the project is greatly simplified, and costs can be calculated more effectively. IGG has extensive experience with BIM software, and is happy to explain the operation and benefits to you.

What benefits does BIM software have for your project?

Traditionally, the construction sector mainly works with two-dimensional information - drawings, building plans and diagrams therefore only show part of the image. BIM software makes it possible to connect all these facets together in a digital environment. In addition, the representation is not limited to spatial forms - BIM software enables users to define both a dimension for time and a dimension for construction costs.

This allows mutual dependencies to be assigned easily, and all objects are detached and as a whole consistent with the specifications of the construction. The result is that with BIM software you get better insight into all parts of your project, from spatial design to cost control.

BIM software at IGG

IGG has been active in building advice for more than twenty years and closely follows developments in the construction sector. The introduction of BIM software has led to a revolution in terms of efficiency and cost control - the digital models make it possible to map the entire life cycle of a building, and are unprecedentedly versatile in use. This functionality has now been expanded even further by IGG.


The building cost calculation package BIMCalc is a development of IGG Building Economy. With BIMCalc it is possible to directly calculate the costs of the design in a BIM model within Autodesk Revit.

Are you curious about the possibilities of BIM software? Do you need advice on implementation and use, or are you looking for a cost consultant who can support you based on the program? The IGG team has all the expertise required to make your project more manageable and can inform you about all issues related to the use of BIM software. For professional advice you can always contact the IGG advisers, or visit

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