To make the process smooth, seamless and effective a clear and concise vision of the construction project is required. IGG has made a specialization of tenders and tendering and is actively involved in drawing up, overseeing the process and evaluating tenders on behalf of many major clients. Our tendering team is well respected and experienced – our record is impressive.

Effective tendering and selection?

The effectiveness and the right outcome of a tender process is fairly obvious in basic terms. A clear definition of the works, terms, goals and schedules which of course are unique to every project means choosing the right strategy and methodology coupled with attention to detail to eliminate ambiguities. There are currently many changes and trends within the construction sector in the Netherlands with contractors hungry for work and margins at an all time low. Whereas that may make tender prices very competitive for the client any uncertainty, variation, changes or any other chance to enhance the value of works to the contractor requires a fastidious control to reduce that risk. IGG has many years of experience of tendering, often for complex projects, and provides a tough, independent, professional framework for the construction of an ideal tendering strategy for your project. Our specialists will work with you from the beginning identifying, on the basis of your requirements the best tendering strategy, selection and implementation. As we guide and advise you so the process of bidding leading through evaluation to the letting final assessment must follow a clear, defined and meticulous procedure; in IGG you have an ideal partner.

Successful tendering with IGG

What requirements must be stated in your contract? What selection methods do you use – in which phase? How do you evaluate tenders and tenderers and how do you avoid surprises?

Tendering gives rise to many questions, both in terms of legal requirements and the overall control of the process. Our tender team at IGG can assist you, from strategy and planning to evaluation and selection. For the non-Dutch client unfamiliar with The Netherlands we can guide you through the process effortlessly ensuring that our advice is correct, effective and most of all economic. Many tenders currently may attract 40+ tenderers and there has to be a balance between attracting and keeping the best potential contractors interested and organizing a fair and transparent pre-selection arrangement. Our current system in which we use a framework which is can be universally applied.

Other factors such as EU tender law (mentioned in a further section) places certain obligations on tendering arrangements, our experience and guidance will ensure you avoid pit falls. If you would you like to know more about our services concerning tendering, or if you have specific questions about how we work please look further at our website, or contact one of our IGG tender specialists. We are here to help you to optimize your results. Contact IGG.

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