Cultural Center

New construction of a cultural building complex in the center of Hoofddorp that will accommodate 4 cultural institutions, namely: the theater, the arts education center, the Haarlemmermeer Public Library and a new center for pop and youth culture. The complex is a design by Architectenbureau Kraaijvanger Urbis.Photos Jeroen Musch, Kraaijvanger


Client: The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer
Functions: Commercial, Government, Leisure/Culture, Archive
Architect: Kraaijvanger Urbis, Rotterdam
Completion: 2011
Period: 2006-2008
Type of contract: Land development costs, Feasibility studies, Investment costs, Probabilistic budgeting, Risk management, Construction costs advice
Assignment: Commissioned by the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, IGG provided construction cost advice from the secondary education phase. IGG has also been involved in the temporary accommodation of the current theater on Cultuurplein including all temporary facilities.