European Construction Costs

IGG developed the Building Cost Compass to make the calculation of objects more transparent and efficient. We brought together construction cost index numbers and index figures for a comprehensive overview of building and object types in one place. Effective cost control and calculation have therefore become considerably easier; all relevant information is immediately online within reach.

With European Construction Costs, IGG is now expanding this unique online tool to other countries in the European market. In this way we can also offer the careful services that you expect from us for international projects.

Up-to-date insight into European construction costs

Are you involved in a commercial construction project in Great Britain and do you want to be able to calculate the costs based on current key figures?

Do you want to test a potential investment in Spain with the latest information?Through European Construction Costs you will always find the insights you are looking for. The system is updated every quarter with the latest data from the construction sectors of indexed countries. This list will eventually cover the whole of Europe; you can then access data from 50 countries, in 43 languages ​​and specified in 34 currency types.

Discover the possibilities

European Construction Costs not only provides a particularly complete picture of construction cost indices and cost index numbers from European countries. The online platform offers access to clear cost models, local knowledge and modern tools for calculation. IGG is happy to list the benefits of European Construction Costs for you:

  • Online access to cost figures and indices for a wide selection of building types;
  • Easily calculate your own projects via the website;
  • Insight into the substantiation of construction cost figures;
  • Every quarter the most recent figures from 9 European countries;
  • Coverage in 50 European countries within a few years.

Request the correct information immediately

Do you want direct access to recent construction cost figures and cost index figures from the entire European Union? With a subscription to European Construction Costs you are always assured of the most up-to-date information. You can request the data you need at any time via the website and make a complete calculation for your own projects. You will also receive a detailed manual every year. This is available for both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Immediate access to the correct data? Then take out an online subscription to European Construction Costs. For questions you can of course always contact our team.

Immediate access to the correct data? Then take out an online subscription to European Construction Costs.

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