An appraisal or a valuation?

If you want to know the value of a real estate object or a development, you will have to determine the value of this. Is a project easily lettable, or are additional investments required for a good business case. As an investor of real estate you need a well-founded understanding of the potential value of a new investment and the required financial resources for now and in the future. This can be done by means of a taxation or a valuation. An appraisal report is a comprehensive report in which, in addition to the values, the public and private law aspects and the structural condition of the collateral are highlighted. A taxtation is therefore often done with existing real estate. A valuation is a calculation of the value based on assumptions at an early stage of the process, you do this by working out different scenarios with, for example, further exploitation in current site requirements, small or full transformations, extensions or even demolition-new construction. You have come to the right place for the reports at IGG.

Real estate appraisals

RICS certified

IGG is a RICS regulated company and works according to internationally recognized professional RICS standards. We make independent, real, consistent and current appraisals of your property for you. Our working method is transparent and verifiable for our clients, with which you can make informed choices. We are happy to help you with the required appraisals:

  • Appraisals for real estate purchase;
  • Appraisals for housing associations;
  • Business appraisals;
  • Exploitation property;
  • Investigation.


Our reports contain the value-determining characteristics and thorough substantiation that will help you make the right choices. IGG makes an important contribution to the assessment of a portfolio strategy. Insights that are interesting for banks, real estate funds, institutional investors, multinationals and private / public clients. IGG approaches the projects from an integral construction-economic side. A team of technical / construction specialists and cost experts with knowledge about renovation and sustainability of buildings ensure an integrated approach. Aspects of real estate management are also taken into account for a look at required maintenance and the associated investment budgets and operating budgets.

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Directeur / Senior bouw economisch adviseur

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Senior bouw economisch adviseur / Projectcoach

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