Land costs and land values

The land value is mainly determined by the value of the property that can or can be built on it. The possible volume and function is determined by the zoning plan that is determined by the municipality. This also directly creates land speculations, wealthy parties that purchase plots of land and anticipate an increase in value because the location of a location is changed and so that it is not agricultural land but building land on which real estate can be realized. This often requires a long breath, if there is no speculation on change of destination, the land value or land costs can be determined residually.

The correct determination of the land costs

How are the municipality usually determining the land costs? This is done by determining a residual value of the land on the basis of what is being realized on the land (or has already been realized). The land costs are equal to the sales value of the property minus the sum of the construction costs plus the additional costs. For example, a home is sold for € 600,000, the construction and additional costs are € 450,000. the value of the land is then € 150,000. For a landowner who wants to sell the lands for development, it is therefore more interesting if the value of the building being realized on it is higher. A high-rise project can therefore yield a much higher land yield than a detached house.

The IGG team specializes in the calculation of correct land costs. Our specialists have many years of experience in drawing up land operations, land calculations and have the expertise to support you in this. Whether it concerns a complete area development or a single construction project, the consultants always determine the correct land value.

Choose IGG when determining land costs

Do you want a correct determination of the land values ​​within your construction project and these optimization requirements? The IGG spindles guarantee that your project is in the right proportion to the land costs. Complete insight and transparency come first - we provide independent valuation of the land costs for projects on every scale, and our specialists are always closely involved with your objectives and wishes.

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