The cooperation between the parties involved is formally laid down for each project in the tendering phase. During contract formation, it is determined which contract will be used for the project. But how can you know which contract is best suited in your case? Contract formation has a major impact on the entire further course of a construction project - how can you be sure that the chosen shape is actually the optimum shape?

Choose the optimal contract form for your project

The Dutch construction sector has various building organization forms and contract forms, each suitable for different types of projects. The optimal choice depends on the complexity of the project and the way in which responsibilities will be divided. If the design of the project follows the traditional lines of strong separation between design and implementation, more traditional contract forms such as STABU or RAW are often chosen during contract formation.

If the complexity of the project increases or risks have to be distributed differently, an integrated contract form such as UAV-GC or Design-Build can be chosen. In addition, a contract form can be chosen during the contract formation, whereby the contractor is not only responsible for design and execution, but also for maintenance, financing and operation. These so-called DBMO and DBFMO contracts have been used more and more in the Netherlands in recent years.

With so much choice, it is unfortunately not always easy to come to a good choice during contract formation. Moreover, comparing and considering different contracts can take a lot of time and delay project progress. Do you want to know which contract form best suits your project, or are you looking for a consultant who can guide the contract formation with your project? IGG is happy to offer you a customized solution.

Contract types

There are many contract models in practice, IGG distinguishes between the four main contract types that determine in the first place after which phase which tender (s) must take place. Subsequently, dozens of variants per main form are possible in which risks, financing and responsibilities are shifted.

To determine the desired contract form, there are also four important aspects that express a degree of suitability per contract form. However, it is not the case that there are always fixed patterns that lead to a choice of contract form, the contract-specific characteristics are weighed against the characteristics of the project to determine the most suitable contract model.

IGG's vision on contract formation

IGG has developed a methodology that can be used to determine the desired contract form at an early stage. This method is divided into two phases, in which a quick scan is initially performed to choose the main contract form, then a refinement step is made to determine the sub form.

Quick scan contract form

With the Quickscan, the wishes and requirements of the client and project-specific properties are assessed. These are entered into the model, resulting in a representation of the suitability of the various contract forms.

Final choice of contract form

Based on the results of the quick scan, the desired form of main contract is refined by further elaborating the wishes regarding risks, financing and responsibilities. This results in a definitive choice of the contract form that IGG will process into a strategy, selection documents and a schedule.

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