BREEAM-NL is currently one of the best means to make the sustainability of buildings and structures measurable. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method; the NL addition indicates that this variant is specifically intended for the Dutch construction market. The quality mark has been developed by the English research organization Building Research Establishment (BRE) as an international standard for sustainable building. Buildings can be assessed for their sustainability performance through the quality mark.

Breeam goes further than just energy saving

A breeam label is not limited to an energy-efficient building, but also includes aspects such as health, transport, water, waste, ecology, etc. This also makes the use of the building more sustainable, which means that a building is suitable for a longer period of time. remains for the function.

Breeam quick scan

If you want to investigate the possibilities of a Breeam certification for a project, the sustainability experts of IGG can perform a Breeam quick scan. This quick scan examines the options for obtaining a label for your project. IGG goes one step further than traditional quick scans since IGG also includes the costs and benefits of a credit in the quick scan.

Costs and benefits of Breeam

With a Breeam investigation, IGG provides a cost and benefit overview of the suggested credits. With this cost-benefit analysis, a good choice can be made for the credit to be used.

IGG as a Breeam Expert

Within the IGG organization, a few advisers are Breeam experts. Because these consultants always give a glimpse of the financial consequences, they are a very valuable addition to a design team.

Advice and support

The BREEAM-NL label provides a comprehensive, clear insight into all sustainable aspects of a building. This not only concerns the energy performance of the object, but also the waste streams, water management, health effects, transport situation, ecological characteristics and other usage characteristics that are relevant for the total sustainability performance. BREEAM-NL certification is therefore not only interesting from the point of view of energy efficiency; the better your construction project meets the requirements of the quality mark, the longer it will be suitable for use and operation.

IGG has extensive in-house expertise regarding BREEAM-NL certification. Our consultants can perform a quick scan for your construction project to determine how you can qualify for the BREEAM-NL label. In this, unlike traditional quick scans, we also include the costs and benefits of each credit, so that you can easily determine which credits are most feasible in your situation.

Do you want to know more about the possibility of involving IGG as a Breeam Expert in your project?

Or do you want a thorough cost-benefit analysis of your sustainability ambitions?

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