Responsible use of our raw materials requires a correct focus of the use of materials.

With regard to the sustainability of buildings, more and more attention is paid to energy efficiency. It is precisely due to energy efficiency that the share of building materials in total CO2 emissions is increasing. The government acknowledges this by including an environmental article in the Building Decree from 1 January 2013.

Reduce your environmental impact

The new environmental article in the Building Decree requires that every application for a "building environmental permit" for new homes and offices to be built (with a surface area of ​​more than 100 m²) includes a calculation of the environmental performance. This environmental performance is expressed in shadow costs and provides insight into the material-related environmental effects of a building.

For the time being, only clarifying these environmental costs suffices, and no minimum requirement is set. This is in contrast to the requirements for a few sustainability labels such as BREEAM NL, GPRGebouw and GreenCalc +, where the environmental impact caused by the materials used are bound by requirements. The lower the environmental costs, the higher the score for the sustainability label.

The environmental performance of a building is expressed in shadow costs per m² of gross floor area (€ / m² GFA). These costs provide an indication of the social costs of combating the consequences (emission and exhaustion) of material use. The shadow costs must be determined in accordance with the "Determination method for the environmental performance of buildings and civil engineering works" designated by the Building Decree, including the harmonized National Environmental Database included therein.

Clear reporting

On the basis of new quantity statements or the quantity statement from its own budgets, IGG makes a correct environmental cost calculation in accordance with the requirements set out in the building decree and the various sustainability labels.

In addition to the calculation, IGG advises on improving the environmental impact of a building. Hereby we always provide clarity about the following components:

Extending the lifespan through the reuse of buildings and materials through revitalization or transformation of a building, or reuse of building components or building materials;
Minimizing material use;
The application of sustainable materials. and making use of the National Environmental Database.

IGG presents all results in a clear presentation in accordance with the requirements.

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