Plan economy within real estate and area development

Planning economy is characterized by the fact that it oversees the entire construction process. It can be divided into two disciplines: project and policy area. The first is about quality, costs, time and organization. The second track focuses on issues such as management and the board side.

Planning economy is especially useful for the realization of spatial plans and projects. Examples include area development, such as new-build projects and zoning plans. Public authorities and consultancy firms in particular benefit from such a broad strategy.

The project-based policy side of planned economy

The project-based side within a planned economy

If we elaborate on project-based discipline within a planned economy, we arrive at instruments that provide insight into the financial picture, such as financial feasibility, investment costs and failure costs. All give you clarity about the financial risks and must prevent cost overruns.

If the project-based side looks at requirements such as time, quality and the organization, then a market analysis can be applied. In addition, issues such as planning and construction logistics play an important role and a sustainability scan can be used to further investigate the sustainability of a project.

The policy side within a planned economy

When it comes to the second discipline, the policy side, we arrive at forms of cooperation between the client and contractor. Within this, various variants are possible that establish the relationships between the participating parties with regard to the risks and responsibilities.

Plan vision

Economic feasibility is often decisive when developing new plans. A correct vision of the plan directs the process in the right direction from the start. Whether it concerns new real estate or civil projects,

IGG draws up a plan vision that helps you to convert your wishes into the right starting points and quality expectations. IGG links the programmatic principles to the costs and translates them into a feasible vision of your plan and helps you realize the project within the set budget.

IGG coordinates the various interests and responsibilities within the project with a plan vision, thereby ensuring the necessary project definitions and other starting documents. IGG maps the (financial) risks as precisely as possible and provides solutions for an efficient and manageable development and construction process.

Plan vision: An integral approach to an initiative

Due to the extensive availability of different disciplines, IGG can provide integral advice on a plan at an early stage; we translate your wishes and objectives into a visualized concept with an assessment of the financial feasibility. IGG optimizes the plan and translates the vision into a program of requirements, preconditions, planning, plan visualization and a plan of action for the further approach of the initiative. With the help of this planning vision the further project is started and the right advisers are selected for a smooth process.

Are you looking for a comprehensive vision of your plan: the plan vision?

The IGG specialists have all the required expertise within reach, from planning to plan visualization.

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