System engineering (UAV-gc)

The application of the UAV-GC (an Integrated Contract Form) in a construction project provides a different way in which a project is carried out. The process flows are changing, especially in the forms of cooperation. Previously, a client dictated exactly what he wanted, the contractor gave a price for it and made a project exactly in accordance with the specifications. The client checked everything whether construction was actually carried out in accordance with the agreements (management and supervision). More and more, commissioners are not asking exactly what they want and how a contractor should make it, more and more responsibilities are shifting to the contractor because, basically, it is also the party that has the most understanding of how the project should be realized. By using Systems Engineering, a methodology is chosen in which requirements are substantiated, verified and validated, both for project requirements, but also for process and document requirements.

Major risks with system engineering

If a client or contractor enters into an integrated contract form with system engineering without knowledge, major (financial) risks are run. It is not so much about shifting certain activities, contract forms and forms of cooperation are very different to which the way of working must be adjusted.

UAV-GC and System engineering is a different approach, a different language that clients and contractors must learn to speak if they can realize projects together. The consultants of IGG are specialists in drafting and assessing UAV-GC contracts and tenders and applying system engineering.

Tailor-made advice from IGG

Do you want to realize your project with a UAV-GC combined system engineering, or do you want to register as a contractor? Are you looking for a specialist who can provide added value within this process? At IGG you will always find the professional expertise you are looking for.

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