Good contract management is therefore indispensable during a construction project. It must ensure a smoother process. It increases the chance of achieving the objectives and guarantees quality. This form of contract ensures better coordination between the parties involved and increases their responsibility.

However, an appropriate contract form is not in itself a guarantee of success. After all, to be able to guarantee the quality of the performance during the entire contract period, good contract management is also required. IGG has the knowledge and expertise to support you in this. Our specialists can advise you on the design of your contract management and help you clearly identify potential improvements. In addition, we can also handle contract management for you.

Contract management creates clarity

Contract management takes care of the agreement between the parties involved. It monitors the rights and obligations of all parties. It supervises the correct interpretation of the conditions and creates a business relationship between the client and, for example, the contractor. Changes during the contract period can be recorded.

Without management it becomes more difficult to work according to the agreements. It prevents ambiguities and disruption of the process and the mutual relationships. With sound management, threatening problems can be tackled and solved early. It creates clarity about the costs and to whom the financial responsibility lies.

Contract management by an external party

Contract management can be carried out by the project leaders, implementer or coordinators. But it can also be done by an external party. He supervises the agreements made, can timely signal changes to the contract and solves problems without delaying the building process. Legal disputes can be prevented.

The importance of good contract management

Tenders and public-private partnerships often have a long duration. The parties involved agree in advance what services must be delivered and what requirements they must meet. Without contract management, however, it is difficult to determine whether the contract will be executed in accordance with the agreements made. This can lead to discounts and fines being used incorrectly, or payments being made without clear consideration.

Applying contract management helps to prevent ambiguities and quality problems. A strong framework of control and correction is created, so that risks for all parties involved can be detected and minimized in a timely manner.

With management, mutual communication runs better, it increases quality and the budget is better monitored. The result is satisfied parties and work that is completed on time. As an external party, IGG has experience in the implementation of management in all its facets.

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