About us

IGG Bointon de Groot BV is an independent construction cost and  building economics consultancy based in Wassenaar near the Hague. We provide financial advice for all aspects of construction, whatever size or complexity of project. Our sevivces range from Quantity Surveying and building economics to feasibility and audits which can encompass management, tender supervision and evaluation – if it costs- we can advise!

Being a bi-lingual practise we can not only provide bi-lingual documentation but are familiar with other national building methods and traditions and for non-Dutch clients we often act as a ‘one stop shop’ . Our experience and knowledge enables us to help clients in the selection of other professionals, services or contactors and our clear understanding of methodology and regulation in the Netherlands makes us the reliable partner you need.  We keep to our specialisation, remain independent and have no legal or strategic linkages with other firms as we only work a single commissioning party and undertake no other instructions that could be construed as representing a conflict of interest.

Our history

IGG Bointon de Groot BV, established in 1988 has grown over the years reflecting the need for greater financial control and as projects grew in size and complexity so we developed a new ways of looking at projects, an approach we call integrated cost management. A great success, as not only does it give a clear picture of the economic feasibility of projects but enables the introduction of variables and options for overcoming practical problems at an early stage. The success of our methodology has contributed to making IGG unique in the  world of construction costs.

Our future

Year on year we have continuously improved our services and the success of our high levels of IT use, reflected in our sister construction software development division has given us new tools to do the job better. For example our most popular programme is used by over 1600 construction professionals in the Netherlands ( Construction Costs NL) and 2013 sees us expanding these programmes multilingually throught Europe ( Construction Costs EU). The current downturn in the European economies has been exceptionally beneficial to us as slim margins require accuracy and certainty for costs- that is what we do best.  Contact IGG and speak to the professionals who know!

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IGG Bointon de Groot

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Our partners

IGG Bointon de Groot is an active partner in the built environment. IGG follows
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