Multi-year maintenance plan

Lack of maintenance places you in for unpleasant surprises and can block planned plans. A multi-year maintenance plan protects you from such moments. The IGG team comes with a customized MJOP that focuses on quality, has an eye for the customer and gives you certainty for the future.

Avoid overdue maintenance with a multi-year maintenance plan

The MJOP of IGG firstly gives you a broad insight into the state of your building. You get an overview of the repair and maintenance work on the building. You will receive information about the nature, time and costs of maintenance.

We base the long-term maintenance plan on condition measurements and reports on the current state of a building. In addition, we apply for any permits and examine the possibilities for subsidies. We supervise the planning and implementation, monitor the budget and regularly provide you with information.

The plus points of a multi-year maintenance forecast

A multi-year maintenance forecast has a number of major advantages. You know exactly which maintenance work must be carried out, how much it will cost and also at what stage the work will take place to maintain the desired quality of the plan. You can reserve money for this in time to ensure that there is always enough money available to carry out the work.

In addition, a multi-year maintenance forecast prevents you from being unexpectedly confronted with maintenance issues, forcing you to postpone other plans. Furthermore, thorough maintenance ensures that a property does not lose value.

A multi-year maintenance forecast of quality

When drawing up a multi-year maintenance forecast, the IGG team does not go over night. We attach great value to the delivery of quality. We achieve this by taking measurements and by examining the current state of a building. We view permits and examine the options for grants.

It doesn't stop there. We can monitor the planning and execution, check the budget and provide information from time to time.

Do you want to be sure of a future without unexpected maintenance?

With our multi-year maintenance forecast and additional options you know where you stand.

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