Budget management is the basis of a successful process

Clients naturally strive for maximum quality at minimum costs, but this objective is too vague for practical cost control; to be able to monitor the budget, it must first be carefully defined. Defining a budget also requires the right starting points, both qualitatively and aesthetically. A well-determined budget can be managed by continually falling back on the right starting points and maintaining an extensive change register. Changes may, if consequences, be acceptable.

However, budgeting is not easy. After all, a construction project is not just one homogeneous cost item, but a collection of small and large investments - each with its own risks and potential benefits. The choices you make can therefore have a major impact on your ability to control your budget and attract external financiers for your project.

Integrated insight into your construction budget

Good budget management starts with a robust, accurate budget. The construction cost specialists from IGG can help you to prepare them. Our team looks further than a functional cost calculation. We give you an integral picture of the costs and benefits of each choice, identify the risks and alternatives for you and ensure clear, coherent budgeting. This ensures that you can choose the optimal balance between budget and quality based on the right information.

Once your construction budget has been fully defined, the IGG experts can then see to it that you are not exceeded in every phase of the construction process. Here too we use a proactive, integrated approach; from changes in the local availability of building materials to new developments within the building economy, everything is taken into account in the cost control process. Of course, your objectives always remain leading.

Do you want to know more about our approach to budget monitoring, or do you have specific questions about the budgeting of a construction project in which you are involved? The IGG team is happy to provide you with the answers you are looking for. Get acquainted with our vision on building cost management via the website or contact our specialists directly.

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