Permit fee optimalization

In practice, however, many municipalities miss out on building fees. This can happen, for example, when contractors consciously report lower construction costs that are subsequently taken over by the auditors - the larger the size of the project, the greater the loss of income. On the other hand, the handling of building fees may also entail more costs than necessary.
The IGG team can minimize both of these factors for you through fee optimization.

Certainty about building fees

IGG approaches fee optimization from two complementary perspectives. Firstly, we offer you the possibility to organize the control of building applications more efficiently. We have developed a special online tool for this: Construction cost check. The calculation module on the website allows your inspectors to quickly find out whether the specified construction costs of a building application are correct without time-consuming manual calculations. That way you can be sure that your income from building fees is always correct.

In addition, we can also advise you on your options for improving your internal cost structure. This makes processing building applications cheaper and more effective, so that you achieve the same result with less effort.

Do you want to optimize the handling of building fees within your municipality and prevent loss of income?

The IGG team is happy to make an appointment with you to advise you on the possibilities of fee optimization.

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