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DACE: the network of knowledge that provides independent data about the costs linked to the industrial process industry

DATUM: 07-08-2023


DACE: the network of knowledge that provides independent data about the costs linked to the industrial process industry


Abdullah Altintas


Abdullah Altintas

In a world where the complexity of projects in the process industry is increasing and the need to manage costs is becoming more urgent, the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers, better known as DACE, was formed.

In 1959, the predecessor of DACE – Webci – published its first Price Booklet. Now, 36 editions later, the DACE Price Booklet has become well-known in the Netherlands and internationally among all engineers involved in investment cost estimation for industrial projects in the process industry.

What does DACE do?

DACE brings together professionals in the field of cost engineering through various gatherings and activities. This ensures the development and transfer of knowledge. They have various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that focus on specific topics within the field of Cost Engineering and Value Management. The foundation also regularly organizes events, including seminars, workshops, and conferences. Additionally, DACE offers trainings and certifications.

However, what is considered absolutely essential in the process industry are the DACE Price Booklets, made possible by the anonymous contributions of these remarkable professionals. With these booklets, the construction costs of complete industrial process facilities can be calculated.

The DACE Price Booklets

With the DACE Price Booklets, you gain access to an immense database of independent cost data for the process industry. This practical and indispensable information is used for:

The DACE Price Booklet is provided by members of the DACE Special Interest Group Cost Engineering Process Industry (SIG CEPI), cost experts actively involved in investment projects and in touch with practical aspects. The Price Booklet compiles cost data from various disciplines involved in the realization of the process:

  1. Process installations
  2. Pipe materials
  3. Coating and insulation
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Instrumentation
  6. Civil and buildings
  7. Engineering costs
  8. Index figures

IGG Bouweconomie provides the cost data for chapter F.

This cost data is indispensable for preparing and comparing cost estimates. The cost booklet and the website provide cost information for virtually every component of industrial process facilities.

The impact of DACE Price Booklets

Since 1959, the Price Booklet has assisted Cost Engineers in the Process Industry in compiling cost estimates and making cost considerations for alternative implementations. The booklet traditionally contains (Western European) reference prices and fits nicely in one’s pocket, making it readily available at all times.

In 2012, members of SIG CEPI took the initiative to create an English web-based Price Booklet with excellent search features, suitable for multi-user use in large companies. In May 2014, the 30th edition of this widely-used publication was launched as the “DACE Price Booklet.” It still retains its familiar layout, but now it’s in English and requires login credentials for the web-based version. Since then, Cost Engineers in the process industry have had access to up-to-date reference prices anytime and anywhere in the world!

The future of DACE

As DACE continues to grow and evolve, the foundation remains committed to its original purpose: promoting the field of cost engineering and value management.

Last year, from June 12th to 15th, DACE organized the ICEC World Congress 2022 at De Doelen in Rotterdam. The congress theme, ‘Predictable Projects in a Dynamic World,’ honored the turbulent period (including COVID, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, etc.) but also demonstrated that a dynamic world can lead to innovation, renewal and unity.

The third day of the congress focused on future tools, such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The application of AI in Cost Engineering is still in its early stages, but the DACE Price Booklet, with its data collection and utilization of international classifications to ensure cleanliness, is well-prepared for the future.

DACE: an indispensable source of knowledge, experience, and reliable data

Whether you are a beginner in the industry seeking to grasp the fundamental principles of cost engineering, an experienced professional looking to deepen your knowledge, or a company in need of reliable cost data, DACE offers valuable resources for those working in the process industry.

Bouwkosten.nl, a part of the IGG Group, is the publisher of the DACE Price Booklets. Through this platform, you can access key figures within the process industry for just €149,- per year. This data is intended for use in cost budgeting or comparing alternative project implementation methods. It grants access to both the book edition and the web edition. DACE corporate and individual participants receive a discount when ordering the Price Booklet.

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