Tendering law - Netherlands specific

The Public Procurement Act is intended to ensure fair competition in tenders and is a consolidation and an evolution of previous arrangements already proscribed in previous laws and regulations. If you wish to know how the changes and current laws affect you our Public Procurement/Tendering team are well versed in all the requirements and complexities relevant to you.

How does the new tendering law affect you?

The introduction of the new Public Tender law has important consequences for the Dutch construction industry. The clustering of assignments and projects under the Public Procurement Act is no longer permitted and the ‘proportionality of requirements’ that businesses face has changed. These changes affect contractual, membership of consortia and indeed regulation of the costs associated with participation in tenders. In addition, the introduction of the Public Tender Act also affects existing regulations – the framework EU rules for tendering partially conflict with BAO, BASS and WIRA (the previous arrangements) which can impact on both existing and planned projects.

Advice on tendering law

The Dutch tender law will continue to evolve to reflect the changes required by the EU procurement rules and even now not all the changes are enacted into current law. Subsequent adjustments will be added from time to time so the situation must be considered fluid and even current law may by subject to changes at future specified dates. This maybe illustrates rather well where our expertise and experience will prove invaluable to our clients. The IGG tender team can help you with the new laws and regulations and we constantly are updated on the latest developments in the Public Tender Act and related legislation. Both clients and contractors can rely on us for optimal support and if you want to know more about regulations in the construction industry? Please contact IGG. and speak to our tender team.

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