Wrong initial analysis

IGG recommends a fresh look at the project as several times we have been able to re-jig a project sufficiently to transform it from ‘no go’ to go! New eyes, new ideas, other ideas and an extensive experience within the IGG team has meant getting a project back on track. Starting with a ‘how can we’ mentality and using an innovative and flexible approach we can really make a difference. There need not be too much variance from the original scheme but a careful consideration, point by point, of the component parts can make the difference. We have been able to build this into an interactive programme with surprising results, what we call design optimisation.

Quickscan design optimisation

Our quick scan programme leads, in a logical sequence, through various options which results in a list of points for optimisation and adjustment including an evolving financial projection. This overview can assist in making an informed choice in which the optimised considerations are eventually fed through to create a suggested plan.

Design optimisation model

The initial quickscan generates an optimised overview creating a list of options, variations and presents the cost options available. The initial framework of the programme introduces variations to the time scale and initially suggests broad options which are honed and refined as the project is developed, which allows for flexibility and further quantifies the effect on the budget. The final plan is not one solution but a selection of choices presented as costed options from which only you can decide and bring in your other concerns ranging from aesthetics, functionality and how much variation you can accept from your original intention. This overview can help make an informed choice in a carefully costed manner.

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