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Construction and development projects are always unique. The objectives, working methods, building systems and materials used differ greatly from project to project. This rarely makes it possible to make universal statements about the total costs of construction projects - after all, every project is different.

However, these mutual differences do not prevent the components of individual construction projects from being compared with each other to derive key figures for construction costs. Architects, contractors and other executing parties can use these key figures to quickly check construction costs. If you want to get a better grip on your construction costs, key figures are a particularly useful tool.

Need up-to-date key figures for construction costs?

IGG has developed the Building Costs Compass product to optimally support cost control in the construction sector. Building costs Compass offers an overview of the most recent building cost figures for various projects, so you always have the right information at your disposal.

Faster insight into construction costs thanks to key figures

Construction projects are modular - each project component contributes to the total costs. By deducting key figures for these construction costs from project budgets, it is therefore possible to quickly make an accurate estimate of the costs of other projects. IGG's many years of experience has led to an extensive knowledge database of construction costs and the key figures associated with this. The budgets in this database are constantly kept up to date by our advisors, so that the information is always up-to-date.

The use of these key figures to estimate construction costs therefore gives project developers a practical, up-to-date method to prevent cost overruns.

You can find the most recent key figures for construction costs at IGG

IGG calculates key figures for construction costs in every working area of the construction sector. We have extensive experience with various installation concepts and building types, and include the dependencies and priorities thereof in our calculation. In addition, the key figures for construction costs for civil works are also included in our products. You can not only request annual reference works via the IGG website, but also use a key figure module that is updated quarterly.

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