Why the Building Cost Compass?

  • For financial control during plan development;
  • For feasibility calculations of design studies;
  • To determine the additional costs;
  • For a quick test of budgets;
  • Indices for construction costs and procurement result;
  • Complete and yet well-arranged;
  • More than 1,000 indicators at three quality levels;
  • Associated form factors and price influences.

For whom is this Construction Cost Compass?

  • For developers;
  • For governments;
  • For appraisers;
  • For architects;
  • For cost experts.

30 years of construction cost experience within reach!


The Building Costs Compass GWW is a publication from the Building Costs Compass series, consisting of the editions "Housing and Utility Building", "GWW" and "Installations". The Construction Cost Compass appears annually at the end of January.

Publications of BouwkostenKompas GWW

BouwkostenKompas GWW 2011
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2012
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2013
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2014
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2015
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2016
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2017
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2018
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2019
BouwkostenKompas GWW 2020

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