Five themes within the GPR building

The sustainability performance GPR provides quantification which is divided into five categories: energy, environment, health, quality of use and future value.

Quickscan GPR construction

If you have a project and want to look at the possibilities of a GPR assessment you will need a sustainability report prepared. The experts at IGG have a system called a GPR quick scan. In this quick scan the project is reviewed and the likely level of GPR award is assessed, however it is more versatile than just making a current assessment. The system automatically generates the suggested cost and benefits of changes which may be possible and which may enable a higher grading level to be attained even at a reduced cost. This provides a blue-print for further decisions and enables an action plan to be designed for further consideration.

Costs and benefits of GPR construction

After a GPR quick scan survey IGG has a preliminary outline of costs and benefits with an overview of the suggested interventions. With this cost-benefit analysis in place the full GPR report can be prepared, bringing all important factors and requirements of the client into the report. All through this process costed options and alternatives are presented so the programme can be developed to attain the GPR level required on a fully costed basis.

IGG as your GPR expert

Within our sustainability team at IGG we have experts experienced in designing and controlling the GPR assessment process. As cost engineers we will provide you with clear costed schedules and provide the basis for designing and implementing a strategy for successful completion. Want to know more about the possibility of applying GPR to your project or want to apply a thorough cost-benefit analysis of your project? For any question or details about how IGG can assist you with GPS please contact IGG.

Would you like to know more about the possibility of applying GPR in your project?

Or do you want a thorough cost-benefit analysis of your sustainability ambitions? At IGG you will always find a tailor-made answer.

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