Hotel construction is very detailed with many inter dependencies so cost overruns can dramatically affect the feasibility. Learning about our experience and research into the construction of hotels at an early stage is an imperative. IGG has 25 years experience in hotels and the current trend for refurbishment and conversions of buildings into hotels has been a major feature of our workload in the last few years. For the non-Dutch clients we are the perfect partner as the expertise and understanding that we have built up make us an obvious choice.

Calculation for hotel construction costs?

Our Netherlands Construction costs site, and our Europe-wide construction costs databases, unique products of IGG, include hotel sections. These give clear overviews of various current construction costs which include many variables which allow the calculation of different types of hotels, including fit-outs. In the early stages management decisions require an initial accurate appraisal which saves time and potential expense.

IGG looks beyond

For hotel projects we bring together a special integrated team. A melding of the component parts of construction, economics, feasibility and practical experience enable us to monitor all the strands of the operation concurrently, effectively and in time and thereby ensuring the best result.

Clarity about the total costs of a hotel?

Are you interested in the services provided by IGG? If you have specific questions about the construction of a hotel please contact us but first please look at our website and look at specific products and services. We have many ideas and some hotel specific methods and programmes so by contacting us you can discuss with one of our professionals advisers exactly what we can offer. The simple initial structured plan we offer will make your initial choices for hotel construction much clearer and easier. Contact IGG.

Again we cannot stress enough that for the non-Dutch clients we are on the ground, have done it and are the perfect óne-stop-shop’ for hotel development.

Do you have specific questions about the construction costs of a hotel?

Our team is happy to support you in realizing your vision.

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