The construction cost expert checks all visible and hidden costs

Cost overruns can negatively affect the feasibility of a building project and the function of a cost engineer is to prevent this! Our cost experts check all visible and hidden costs to make the financial aspects of the project transparent and accessible. Would like more control of your construction budget? A good time to ask your IGG expert to advise.

General construction advice

Our vision at IGG is simple: we consider that role of a construction expert is not only restricted to calculations and maths! Construction costs are not immutable facts – they are constantly changing, and can only clear understanding and experience can give an integral vision for effective control and our construction experts not only consider the financial aspects of a project, but also the qualitative targets and other factors we consider to be in your best interests. Our consultants at IGG will therefore always find the optimal balance between quality, cost and time. Our method takes into account all aspects of your project providing a clear, practical solution to every possible problem.

Working with a cost consultant at IGG

Let us make sure that your building project is within the limits of your budget. IGG has more than 20 years experience in construction consulting, planning advice and calculation and you can benefit from that knowledge. We have found that our unique, integrated approach with a highly committed construction experts working closely with you is the best way forward. We can achieve the objectives for your construction project by using a proactive, human approach ensuring that you will be able to manage your project efficiently and effectively If you want a reliable, independent construction expert look no further, contact IGG immediately to make an appointment with one of our advisers and let us show you what we can do. You will be impressed..

Are you looking for a reliable, independent construction cost expert?

Contact IGG and make an appointment without obligation with one of our advisers.

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