Tendering processes are complex issues at the best of times and those for public tenders can be even more confusing being governed by strict procedural rules largely based on EU overarching regulation . In order to raise public awareness of available tenders they are now presented online as Tender calendar ( Aanbestedingskalender) and Tendernet. These sites show the current requests for tender submissions and are placed in the public domain by a semi- government agency. These requests for tender submissions are in two categories the first being national/government/semi government projects and secondly the same sorts of jobs but which are over Euro 5,000,000 and therefore open to full EU member state participation. This does not include private sector projects.

A complex maze of information!

With the requirement to be fair, transparent and clear it can be a little confusing for those not used to the system. In many cases striving for clarity and fairness of the process can make things even worse!  The purpose of the tender calendar is for all candidates to be granted equal access and the opportunity to  register, submit or respond. The success of this depends on the visibility, recognition and understanding of the precise definition required for each of the tenders presented. Our experience, understanding and complete familiarity with the precise requirements and methodology needed enables us to construct a offer that not only is appropriately structured but has the components for either a successful placement or response to a tender offer.

For non-Dutch clients the system can be interesting as it is designed to offer a fair chance to all EU companies and individuals to tender for jobs which may be attractive to you.  To help you understand the details completely consult IGG, we have experience in this area and can assist you as required.

Successful tendering with IGG

IGG can help you organise and submit a tender for projects offered on the Tender Calendar. If you would like to know more about what we offer and can do for you please look at our site. If you have specific queries or would like further  specific advice please contact one of our specialists. We are here to help you to win! Contact IGG


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