Legal requirements for construction tendering

Without doubt the complexity of construction projects is increasing. Changes in the requirements of users, principles and others have made the market much more dynamic but the more demanding the requirements of the construction industry so it becomes less easy to control projects.  Furthermore the regulations concerning Government Projects add an additional dimension, specifically the tendering law.
The method of tendering for construction projects in the Netherlands depends on the estimated value of a project – above a certain threshold it is subject to the European tender requirements. Which registrations come within the scope of these regulations depend among other things on the specific procurement law and therefore have to be considred on a case by case basis. If a potential developer does not meet the strict conditions laid down in the procurement law, they are precluded from Government  contracts. Changes in these regulations make it difficult to keep on top of the current situation and this is where the IGG specialists can assist you.

Changes in tendering law

The Dutch tendering law has been evolving over recent decades. The introduction of the Dutch BAO and BASS  regulations have followed the procedure required by the EU rules already in place and the WIRA tender law has been further refined to comply. These laws and decisions constitute a binding framework for public tendering and define procedures which must be adhered to for those wishing to tender for government work. In 2012 the playing field was again changed by the new Public Procurement Act which is intended to clarify and sharpen up the detail to ensure full compliance by the Netherlands legal system with the relevant EU legislation.

IGG provides advice on the current legal requirements

Tendering law continues to evolve on a regular basis. We deal with these matters daily and therefore are always up to date with the current situation. Having current, accurate advice available will ensure that you avoid often simple, but expensive mistakes. It is best viewed as a dynamc situation and it is important that you keep up with current developments, that is why we are here!

The IGG team has years of experience in tender law, and can advise you on the most recent changes. To contact us please click here to contact the tender team at IGG. Please note that the results of case law and new directives from the EU can quickly affect the whole tendering arrangements which is why our tender team ensure that they are familiar with the latest requirements.

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