Tendering advice

We are well placed to assist clients with the creation of tenders for construction projects and can offer good advice based on long experience. The selection of the right contracting parties depends on the process, planning and specific needs of each client and as each project requires a different application and design it should follow a suitable selection strategy .
To make this process smooth and effective a clearly defined vision of the contracting arrangement for the construction project envisaged is required.  The IGG consultants in our tendering team have the experience and knowledge to provide your organization with the best tendering advice and to guide you unerringly to the best results.

A clear tendering strategy

A successful tender starts right from the initial phase and is a summation of a clear definition of the aims, goals and interests of the parties concerned. There is absolutely no standard, ‘one size fits all’ solution and each project must be considered free standing and unique. Each project requires the right strategy and is therefore always tailor-made.
IGG has many years experience in tendering and has been instrumental in the formulation of strategies for many complex projects. This knowledge and record of success enables us to provide an independent, professional framework for the ideal tendering strategy, formulated precisely for your requirements. Our specialists will work with you and from the very beginning identify from your requirements the best tendering strategy and selection process. When the tendering is underway we are with you, guiding, advising, evaluating, as required right through to the final assessment. This ensures that your project emerges precisely as envisaged and that the tender process is concluded satisfactorily.

A successful tendering process with IGG

A successful tender always starts with a good well designed strategy, be it for consultant or contractor selection. There are some simple questions in the first instance: What requirements should be stated in your contract? What selection methods do you use in which phase? What will be your criteria for evaluation between submissions, and how do you avoid surprises?  Our tender team has an ingenious, sequential programme to ensure the inclusion of all components in a clear, watertight tender document:

1. Project analysis;

2. Choice of contract form;

3. Choice of tender form;

4. Select the criteria to be applied;

5. Formulation of the guidance and planning procedure;

6. Tendering process.

A browse of our website illustrates the scope and range of  our impressive tendering record. Please do speak to our IGG tender team who can answer your queries and advise on what we can do for you. Remember a well constructed tender will achieve your project on time, on budget and to the specification you required, no less! Contact IGG and speak to our tender team.




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