The IGG practice has many contract models available but predominantly there are four basic  forms of contract,  the choice being decided by several factors. The client’s wishes, the project, the time and method of tendering all affect the choice and after discussion and a careful review we will suggest the contract we consider most suitable.

The  IGG method of contract choice

IGG has developed a methodology for the selection of contract form. Like with many of the initial choices in cost consultancy we have developed a Quick-scan programme designed to review the requirements and based on that we will suggest what, in our opinion is the most suitable agreement to use. From that choice we can refine the details to suit your requirements.

Quick-scan contract form

In the Quick-scan the wishes and requirements of the client and details of the proposed tender are added into the model which in turn compares the suitability of the various contract forms available. Again it is in the detail of the contract that IGG’s long experience proves invaluable and gives you the certainty that the tender may progress smoothly and achieve the desired outcome. If you would like to know more about our contract selection arrangements and allied services please contact our tendering team at IGG. For the non-Dutch client this offers a clear defined process which will guide you through the procedure effectively and accurately , as we fully understand exactly what you require. Please contact us for advice IGG.

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