Contractor selection

Tendering for a project is the  last step in the preparatory phase, the culmination of which is the final price. In the earlier phases estimates of the anticipated cost by the cost consultant will have been prepared as a guide to the expectation of the likely cost. This gives a cost control comparison for the final result, but ultimately the accepted tender price is the basis for undertaking the project, confirmed by the contract which appoints the successful contractor.

The process of tendering for a project gives rise to plenty of options and alternatives which must be decided early on and are then defined in the contents of the tender document. There will be responsibilities placed upon the contractor which may include their ability apply selection criteria, these should be closely defined. Whichever tender method is selected and when the final contract of engagement is signed the contents must reflect and include all those details.

Healthy competition for the tender

The ultimate goal of a tender is to select the contractor that will achieve the desired aims including quality, budget and completion date. Each project requires its own approach  so the proposed selection process should be considered at an early stage. How many contractors are invited to tender to ensure healthy competition? There is a balance between having enough tenderers to ensure competition but not so many as to scare away others who do not want to be part of fifty other tenderers. IGG has a list and database of contractors and is able to invite tenderers based on knowing suitable contractors from experience. A contractor will always make an immediate analysis of their chances at a tender and will make a decision to tender based on their capacity and ability to undertake the work. Excessive competition can cause contractors to cancel, so care should be taken to attract the right level of interest. The expectations of the various parties should be clearly formulated so that a carefully constructed tender arrangement will not only obtain the best financial results, but also attain the highest quality and value.

A unique perspective on tendering

What requirements must be stated in your contract? What selection methods do you use in which phase? How are you to decide on the differences between offers and how do you avoid surprises? Tendering brings with it many questions, both in terms of legislation, methodology and aspects  in the field of control. The tendering  advisers at IGG can assist you in this process, from strategy and planning to evaluation and selection.
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