With many options now available current tendering processes require greater care in the selection of the right type of contract. The better the parameters of the contract are matched to your goals so the greater the chance is that those aims will be realised.

The selection of a contract is, however  no guarantee of success. To ensure the quality of performance during the entire contract good contract selection can make all the difference. IGG has the knowledge and the experienced specialists who can advise you on all aspects of contract selection and  can advise on the layout of your contract, identifying  possible pitfalls and suggest improvements.

The importance of good contract

Procurement and public-private partnerships(PPP) are usually long term agreements. The parties concerned must agree in advance the exact performance required and how it is to be delivered. Without a proper detailed contract  it is almost impossible  to define achievement and failings and the potential subsequent claims.  Even small oversights can, especially with long term agreements have a significant effect on the overall performance and contingent costs.

Applying contract helps to avoid ambiguities and quality problems. This creates a strong framework of control and correction so that the risks for all parties involved detected and can be minimized.

Integral contract of IGG xxxx

Contract offers advantages for both contractor and client. Because it is monitored during the entire contract period for compliance with the contract, there is less uncertainty about performance and payments. Also provides contract negotiations with potential changes during the term. The collaboration will takes more harmonious and smoother.

IGG suggest the suitable contract with a staged integrated approach. Our broad expertise allows us to see the whole tendering process and pinpoint important factors to ensure the success of your project. Would you like to know more? Please contact IGG and make an appointment with one of our advisors.


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