Tendering law – legal requirements

The Dutch government is almost continuously involved in planning, spatial development and construction projects for public and private purposes. Above a certain threshold all Government tenders must be open to all qualifying providers from EU member countries (circa €5 million for construction €200,000 for services.). It is important that European companies should be pre-qualified in order to be able to tender and comply with the requirements for tendering companies as defined in the Dutch and EU tender law. Would you like to  participate in public tendering or wish to compete effectively for such a projects ? If so then a clear understanding of the rules and regulations are of paramount importance.  If you would like to be a contender  for such projects please contact us to ensure that you are fully conversant  with the regulations, you will find that IGG have the experience and knowledge to guide you.

Changes in tender laws

The Dutch tendering law has been evolving over recent decades. The introduction of the Dutch BAO and BAS regulations have followed the procedure required by the EU rules already in place and the WIRA tender law has been further refined to ensure compliance. These laws and decisions constitute a binding framework for public tendering and define procedures which must be adhered to for those wishing to tender for government work. In 2012 the playing field was again changed by the new Public Procurement Act which is intended to clarify and sharpen up the details to ensure full compliance by the Netherlands legal system with the relevant EU legislation.

IGG advice for tender law changes

Successful bidding for  government tenders may be subject to more than just tender price and can best be described as multi-dimensional. The government may consider additional qualities of the proposal and also explore other benefits they may consider a material fact in their considerations. Adjustments in the tender rules and regulations may overlap with other considerations which can make it difficult to fathom  exactly what other requirements may be encountered. The IGG team can advise you.

Again we can only recommend that you speak to our team, our elegant and innovative solutions may make the difference to your offer.  Contact IGG  directly or look at out website.

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