Sustainability report

Sustainability is becoming more measurable – there are now numerous sustainability labels introduced to allow the environmental performance of a building to be categorised. A central point in this certification is the sustainability report: an analysis of the existing environmental performance of a building.

The growth of sustainable thinking has led the construction industry to increasingly to consider how it’s environmental profile should look. The sustainability report is a valuable tool for betterol over your results. IGG can advise you about the ways in which a sustainability report can be used as a practical measure of your construction.

How can a sustainability report help you?

A sustainability report actually serves two purposes: it shows in which areas a building already scores, and in which areas sustainability can be improved. This makes a sustainability report for both renovation and construction projects an interesting benchmark.

Do you want an existing building’s sustainability improved with a view to future use or are you concerned with regulatory compliance?  With a sustainability report in place you have clear guidelines for the required actions. This advantage – more control over the construction process – applies to all construction projects and  can be integrated into your programme. This is often easier to follow with the guidelines of an eco-label requirement in place.

Would you like a sustainability report?

Would you like to give sustainability a place within your building or renovation programme?  IGG can assist you in many ways; ur team has extensive experience in sustainable building economics and thanks to our integrated approach developed over years we have a very extensive and diverse knowledge base. There are several options and models we can prepare for you and it is important to understand your alternatives.

Please contact IGG with your queries and learn how we can help you benefit and learn how to  obtain a sustainability report.

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