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Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword indeed national and local government are increasingly scrutinising  the environmental performance of both new and existing buildings. Clients, customers, developers and regulators are more aware and concerned and the public generally more critical. Sustainable construction is of increasing importance throughout the whole sector.

The increasing focus on environmentally responsible building has forced the need for greater clarity and definition. This increasingly requires buildings to have a  sustainability label: A label that  confirms environmental friendliness that is now quantified. Applying for and attaining a sustainability label is a convenient way to show how your building contributes to  a sustainable future – but you will need to choose the sustainability label!

Which sustainability label do you choose?

Sustainability is a broad concept. Energy consumption, insulation, materials and CO2 emissions of a building are just a few of the component points that can be quantified in a sustainability label. It is true that every sustainability label is different – the selection and range is large and versatile so these differences can lead to unnecessary confusion.

The best sustainability label is a label with a broad inclusion of  clear inspection criteria. The Dutch construction industry uses BREEAM-NL, GPR Building and LEED Certification. The three labels are known for their extensive testing criteria and provide a detailed picture of the sustainability of a building.  BREEAM- NL appears currently to be the most popular in the Netherlands.

For a good sustainability label buildings must score well on the criteria included in that specific label. It is therefore important to plan and aim at specific labels and scores for your building project to ensure you attain those grades. For example a current trend in the Netherlands is for buildings to be stripped out to frame and be completely renovated and remodelled in order to attain higher sustainability scores than would have been possible previously.

Do you want your project or renovation to attain a certain level of sustainability? The IGG team can guide you through the options and alternatives available, there maybe a smarter solution than you realised! Our website details the various Dutch sustainability labels, but for more specific questions please contact our sustainability team. Contact IGG


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