The most appropriate means of ensuring the sustainability of a building is the calculation following the methodology of BREEAM-NL. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method  originally developed and introduced by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), a British investigative body somewhat similar to the Dutch TNO. The addition NL makes clear that this is the Dutch version. BREEAM sets a standard for sustainable building and then indicates the level of performance of the examined building, the national differences are at best marginal..

Breeam goes beyond mere energy saving

A BREEAM label is more than just a measure of energy consumption but includes aspects covering the assessment as health, transport, water, waste, ecology, etc. It also considers the life span and long term impact of its continuance  the use of the building.

Quickscan Breeam

Like most of the professional services which we offer we have developed a Quickscan model to carry out an initial appraisal of your project  to ascertain the possibilities of  BREEAM certification. Our expert team have taken this beyond a mere tick box exercise to obtaining a label for your project. IGG’s Quickscan  goes one step further by providing a schematic to show the costs and benefits of  various credit levels available for such a design.

Cost and benefits of BREEAM

In investigating a BREEAM application IGG’s system quantifies the costs and likely benefits. This prioritises the choices which can be made as for example one less expensive option may carry a greater score than another more expensive option. Currently it is almost becoming mandatory to have a high level of BREEAM certification to obtain planning permission, certainly for commercial properties. Office owners also are keen to offer higher level of accreditation to enhance the lettability of their properties.

IGG as your BREEAM expert

As BREEAM has become more popular so we have formed a dedicated team. This ensures that not only are we the leading experts but have developed our inter-linked software programme to offer the smartest solution currently available. Because these BREEAM advisers also look at the financial implications they can made valuable suggestions for design and operation. You may well discover that careful selection from the options can decrease the running costs sufficiently to make a significent contribution to costs.

Want to know more about the possibility of using IGG as your BREEAM  expert or want a thorough cost-benefit analysis of your sustainability ambitions? With IGG you will find your answer.

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