The pursuit of sustainability  has become a major objective for the 21st century. Responsibility and awareness regarding the environment is not limited to the individual’s sphere – it is a constant factor in the policy of our Government and the activities of Dutch companies and society.

This trend is also visible in the construction sector. Sustainable construction is increasingly the norm, but what does sustainable building mean exactly? What are the implications for the construction industry? How does sustainable building impact on construction costs? The IGG team has the answers to your questions about sustainability and relevant  construction . For the non-Dutch client the level of sustainability now current in the built environment in the Netherlands is at a high level. Good advice based on practical experience is essential.

Actually what is sustainable construction?

Everyone trots out the ‘Sustainability’ mantra, however the precise principles of sustainable building are poorly defined. The concept of sustainability is subject to various different interpretations and the introduction of sustainability labels such as BREEAM has clarified matters somewhat.

Sustainable building is defined by a combination of several indicators which need to be optimised during construction. Energy efficiency is of course an important part of the definition, but not the only one. Waste management, use of materials and quality of life/environment play a role. These factors obviously affect the cost of a project, but initial increased costs maybe off-set by the long term reduction on whole life costs.

IGG advice for sustainable construction

The requirements for sustainability considerations for new construction projects in the Netherlands have become more stringent. Efficient methodology and environmentally friendly materials are increasingly required by national and local regulations. Though sustainable building seem to imply higher construction and investment costs, a logical conclusion, the experience of IGG shows a different picture.

The basic principle of sustainable construction not only brings a positive impact on the environment; the influence of efficiency also extends to the construction itself. An environmentally friendly building has a favourable effect on the payback period for its investment. Moreover, the work environment inside the building enhances productivity and can even reduce absenteeism and other costs.

Want to learn more about sustainable building in the Netherlands? The IGG team will be pleased to answer your questions and advise you further.Please contact us.


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The Grotius building nears completion
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