IGG Bointon de Groot launch the European Construction Costs at MIPIM 2015

Arno Vonk
IGG Bointon de Groot launch the European Construction Costs at MIPIM 2015

The 2015 edition of the popular ECC (European Construction Costs) database is launched on the stand of BOPRO of Belgium at the Belgian National pavilion at MIPIM on Wednesday 11th March.

In its third year this handy construction cost database, which now includes even more countries (18) presents accurate current costs in a convenient costed model format. The 18 affiliates of the Euro Alliance, BOPRO being the Belgian member are each responsible for sourcing their own national current construction costs. The advantage of a local participation is clear as there is no better source of market intelligence than dynamic ‘on the ground’ experts.

The stringent entry conditions for the Alliance ensures that a very high level of consistent, uniform professional advice is offered. The collaboration between the affiliates enables the skill sets and experience of over 400 participating professionals to add to and support the affiliate network. Individual specialties, in the case of BOPRO is sustainability empowers the network beyond the individual competencies. The Alliance also produces a free annual publication providing an immediate inter-country cost comparisons. The obvious advantages of the online database is the immediate adjustment for currency fluctuations between countries and even the cost variances within each country.

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