Handbook for the built environment

Following the success of our hand book last year we have produced a new edition for 2012. This eclectic collection of essays and information, based on the built environment has attracted more that twenty contributions from professionals throughout the world of the built environment and covers a diverse selection of topics and considerations ranging from being informative, thought provoking to challenging!

There are five main themes which fall into the following categories;

• the economic perspective on social property;

• the opportunities around innovative and collaborative work;

• understanding of the financial issues;

• practical sustainability interventions;

• redeveloping from the small and facilitation approach.
In times when we are all heavily involved in our own professional worlds it is refreshing to consider aspects of our business which are outside our normal experience. Though retrenchment is the order of the day innovation and responsible and reactive changes are actually occurring very rapidly.  The above five reoccurring theme in this publications are interleaved with many ideas or comments with which  we do not necessarily agree but if you think that you can make a contribution on a subject from your own  experience which you would like to share you are most welcome to submit an article for inclusion in the next edition.

The book is available free of charge and may be downloaded from the below link.
We hope you enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience.
ABC Management Group & IGG Bointon the Great  Handboek van de gebouwde omgeving 2012


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