Construction software on your smart phone

Nick Bointon
Construction software on your smart phone

Cost control of construction is becoming increasingly complex. This is not surprising in itself; modern construction projects have many different facets which bring a rich and diverse set of financial issues with it. However, effective cost management therefore requires more than ever a detailed, current picture drawing on all available information available.

Building software is an indispensable tool in this area. Modern building software brings together large amounts of data presenting it in an orderly manner for easy access by all parties. The mobile platform will have an increasingly important role as the versatility and accessibility of the smartphone is particularly suited to exploitation of the excellent opportunities for the further development of construction software.

The future of construction software


Construction cost management is a dynamic area – indicators and indices change regularly. Do you want to access them? Do you want to have clear, immediate insights into the developments available that are relevant to your project? The app is therefore in this sense an important addition to existing construction software; this application provides mobility and ease of use in situations where more traditional building software is not always practical or available.

All users, regardless of location or time have direct access to the right information and insights- . The current databases and information resources offered to the smartphone via mobile software creates a real time reference for construction cost questions This construction software is and will be developed further and enhanced so in the future not only will it be more accessible but also even more versatile.

The future

The more knowledge you have of your building project, the more control you will have over the outcome. The latest generation of IGG construction software supports you in both areas with valuable, current cost information. Our Construction cost – App was developed with an eye to the future; our goal is to continue to connect with the functionalities of modern online technology. capabilities of existing tools and building construction cost software

Innovation offers, in our opinion the best opportunities for the future with greater accessibility, more practical functions and greater scope for other inclusions.  We will therefore continue to develop the App and you will continue to have an ever more useful product.




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