Construction costs – buildings

Construction costs – buildings, one of three annual publications from IGG Bointon de Groot  contain a wealth of construction cost information. The presented costs are a perfect tool for architects, developers, cost experts and other professionals who need an instant indication of likely costs for a construction. The handbook, a convenient pocket sized booklet contains over a 1,000 cost indicator from many different types of buildings and constructions. The contents are replicated on the website  to enable access to even more information which is regularly updated to reflect current costs. Construction costs – buildings is a must for anyone concerned with construction.

KengetallenKompas Bouwkosten het handboek met kostenkengetallen voor de bouw

What is Construction costs – buildings for?

• For financial control planning;

• For feasibility studies and design calculations;

• To determine the additional costs;

• For a quick test of budgets;

• Indices for construction and tendering outcomes;

• Complete and yet clear;

• More than 1,000 published costs at three quality levels;

• Corresponding consequences of variations and changes.


Who is Construction costs – buildings for?

  • For developers;
  • For governments and regulators;
  • For accountant and insurance companies;
  • For architects;
  • For cost engineers.

25 years experience at your fingertips!

With the Construction costs- buildings you have direct access to the accumulated knowledge and experience of IGG gained from 25 years involvement in the Netherlands construction industry. Construction costs-buildings ( KengetallenKompas Bouwkosten- only available in Dutch) is only available by subscription which includes access to the online database (also available in English). For a subscription of only €195.00 (+ VAT) you have immediate access to the site and if you pay by standing order for more that one year you receive a discounted price of € 155.00 per year( you still receive the new annual hand book each year). The website, to which you have unlimited access contains much additional information and  provides you with even more options and alternatives including a chance to cost and retain the details of your own specific project.


Construction  costs – building is one of the three publications from IGG along with Construction costs – civil works and Construction costs – installations they are published annually each Janurary. Previous editions may be purchased, subject to availability.

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KengetallenKompas Bouwkosten 2008
KengetallenKompas Bouwkosten 2009
KengetallenKompas Bouwkosten 2010
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