Spui Forum – Den Haag -

The new Spui Forum comprises of a  concert hall with 1500 seats, an opera and dance hall with 1,000 seats and an additional  hall with 500 seats, ‘The Ensemble’. The various hall are in a vertical stack with a flexible structural arrangement of educational classrooms and studios providing accommodation for the Royal Conservatory. At the heart of the complex is the main staircase which is evolved into a major architectural feature leading visitors to the public roof overlooking the city. The building is crowned with a large domed room providing for all kinds of public events. The filigree exo-skeleton gives the façade a refined and festive appearance.

Spui Forum – Den Haag
Spui Forum – Den Haag
Spui Forum – Den Haag
Spui Forum – Den Haag
Spui Forum – Den Haag
Spui Forum – Den Haag
Spui Forum – Den Haag
Spui Forum – Den Haag


Opdrachtgever :
Functie(s) : Commercial, Leisure/Culture, Office, Parkinggarage
Bouwsoort : New Build
Architect :
Oplevering :
Opdrachtomschrijving :
Aard van de opdracht : Building costs management, design optimalisation, Exploitation costs
Periode :

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