Spitfire hanger at Schiphol - Schiphol

Relocation of a world war 2 spitfire hanger and conversion into a bus station at Schiphol. This was a demountable structure which has previously been located in London and Rotterdam before commencing its new life at Schiphol Elsenhof.


Spitfire hanger at Schiphol
Spitfire hanger at Schiphol
Spitfire hanger at Schiphol
Spitfire hanger at Schiphol
Spitfire hanger at Schiphol


Opdrachtgever : Schiphol Real Estate
Functie(s) : Airport, Civil, Infrastructural, Public transportation
Bouwsoort : New Build, Transformation
Architect : Claessens Erdmann
Oplevering : 2013
Opdrachtomschrijving : IGG advised the clients participating in the project how to manage the budget considerations on this financially difficult project.
Aard van de opdracht : Building costs management
Periode : 2012 to date

IGG Projectteam

Arno Vonk
Arno Vonk
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