Ajax Stadium, lighting and control systems - Amsterdam

IGG were retained by ArenA to undertake a feasibility study and testing of various option for the AreanA (Ajax) stadium lighting to the playing areas.

Ajax Stadium, lighting and control systems


Opdrachtgever : ArenA CV
Functie(s) : Leisure/Culture, Sport @en
Bouwsoort : New Build
Architect : BAM Technics
Oplevering : 2011
Opdrachtomschrijving : IGG were part of a team to evaluate and cost a range of options for additional and modified lighting of the playing area at the ArenA stadium.
Aard van de opdracht : Installationcalculation, Second opinion @en, Tendering advice
Periode : 2011

IGG Projectteam

Arno Vonk
Arno Vonk
Ton de Groot
Ton de Groot
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